Query: flexSearchFileSystems

Queries for FileSystems using FlexSearch.

Return Type



If this is set to the value of the _cursor field of an item, only items after that one will be included in the result. The value of the after of this query must match the one where the _cursor value has been retrieved from.


Renamed to postFilter. Use postFilter instead.


The number of items to include in the result. If omitted, all remaining items will be included (which can cause performance problems on large collections).


Specifies the how this collection should be sorted. If omitted, the result order is not specified. If cursor-based pagination is used (i.e., the after is specified or the _cursor is requested), id_ASC will be implicitly added as last sort criterion so that the sort order is deterministic.


Filters that will be applied in memory after the flexSearchFilter.

This will not use any indices and will only work if applied on less than 10 000 objects.


The number of items in the list or collection to skip. Is applied after the after argument if both are specified.



Provides a value that can be supplied to the after argument for pagination. Depends on the value of the orderBy argument.


An identifier that is updated automatically on each update of this root entity (but not on relation changes)


The instant this object has been created


Total size of the fully extracted file system in bytes. This is the sum of size(file) for all children of rootFile. If a file has a non-zero size and children, the size of the children and the parent file are BOTH counted.


An auto-generated string that identifies this root entity uniquely among others of the same type


Total number of files under the root file. Each node in the tree is counted exactly once, so directories are counted as files.


The root file for this file system. If this file was uploaded into the platform, this file's name will match exactly the name of the uploaded file


The instant this object has been updated the last time (not including relation updates)

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