Query: _allAssetsMeta

An Asset is a specific software component, software repository, file system image, or hardware device that is part of a product. A Product may have multiple Assets, and each Asset may have multiple versions. For example, an iPhone (Product) could have an Asset for the iOS operating system, and each version of iOS would be a different AssetVersion. The Asset may have multiple Artifacts that come from various stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle. For example, the asset for iOS (operating system) may have an Artifact for the source code that is scanned by source code scanners, an Artifact for the compiled binary which is scanned by Binary SAST scanners, and an Artifact for the file system image which is scanned by Binary SCA scanners.



The number of items after which to stop counting (for performance reasons). Applied after "filter".



The number of items in the collection or list, after applying the filter if specified.

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